Hookah Pens

Hookah smoking has gained immense popularity across the globe; especially among the teens and youth as well as young professionals. With an aim to re-imagine and revolutionize the conventional hookah smoking, several companies and manufacturers have introduced the concept of Hookah Pens. These hookah pens appear as a bright colored pen in which a flavored liquid is burned and people tend to smoke it. Hookah pens are widely available in the market offering a broadest selection of flavors like orange, white grape, mint, chocolate and many more that help one mask the harness of smoking. In fact, several smokers have also considered the practice of hookah smoking less harmful than that of smoking cigarettes.
Surprisingly, it is an astonishing fact that most of the electronic hookah pens are nicotine free. The liquid that is burned inside the pen is entirely free from tobacco and from nicotine as well as containing no tar resins. Hookah pens are indeed evolved as the best way to switch the perfumed liquid cartridge unit for the original conventional ones containing nicotine. These e-pen units are easy to fill and are elegantly designed in such a manner that no oil burns or herbs get burn evenly avoiding situation of leakages from recurring and eventually let one enjoys to the fullest.
Hookah pens work in a very simple and easy manner. Inside the cartridge of the hookah pen, flavored liquid get filled and subsequently the liquid gets converted into the vapor. The vapor is also commonly known as mist which is inhaled by the person using the hookah pen. Aside than the simply inhaling process using the cartridge that results in vaporization, there are manual switches in some hookah pens with which the user can activates the pen device and eventually activates the vaporizer inside the unit. Before one activating the pen device; he or she essentially attaches the cartridge filled with liquid containing nicotine to the vaporization chamber. Consequently, the upper tip of cartridge acts as a mouthpiece of the hookah pen. Some of the latest hookah pens combine the advantage of micro-controller which is essential for battery usage and also persuade voltage control. There also presents an advanced microchip for the purpose of inhalation pressure sensor that detects usage and also lets activation and deactivation of the device easily. Other specifications of e-hookah pens include LED indicator as well as feature of auto on/off.
Also popularly known as e-hookah stick; these are absolutely portable and disposable which can be reused for multiple uses. Basically, the reusable form includes flavored cartridges as well as rechargeable battery. Moreover, hookah pens are entirely environment friendly as it only emits water based vapor which does not provide any sort of harm to the environment around the person using the hookah pen. For all those who intend to buy hookah pens, it is essential to note that the hookah pens are available for sale widely at convenience stores, gas stations as well as smoke shops existing in the city. Also, these are not questioned to any restrictions pertaining to age and no store holds legal right to refuse the selling of hookah pens to people who are coming under the category of minors.

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